Interim Inn-Keeping

We will take care of the daily operations of your hotel business so that you, as the owner or manager, can rest-assured that the business is in good hands. Telephone and e-mail are treated professionally, because you do not want to miss revenue potential during your absence. We can offer visitors an expertly-guided tour around your premises. Furthermore, your guests can expect a warm and personal welcome on arrival, complete dedication during their stay and a warm farewell on departure. In a personal interview with us, you can indicate in advance what your requirements are and the necessary information about your business. Following consultation a written confirmation is provided to outline clear and complete details of our collaboration in advance.


A fresh look at your business is essential for good and proactive entrepreneurship. I like to think on the basis of equality. In a personal conversation you set out your vision on your company, you analyse the strengths and opportunities of the business and the areas you wish to  develop. We then go ahead with what you want to improve or would like to outsource. You can think of activities such as setting up sales and marketing activities, writing proposals, making reservations, providing after sales, temporarily replacing an member of staff and generating reviews on the internet or tracking social media.

Boca Prins Hospitality knows no frontiers!

Interim Inn-keeping and support can both benefit your business in the Netherlands and also your company abroad. With reference to support you can think, for example, of incorporating a local manager, setting up internal guest procedures or optimizing sales activities.